Upland Oak Ecology Symposium

The “Upland Oak Ecology Symposium: History, Current Conditions, and Sustainability” was held October 7–10, 2002, in Fayetteville, AR. Recent events such as drought and oak decline are hastening the loss of oaks in upland oak forests of the Interior Highlands. This and the lack of oak regeneration in many areas of the Highlands raise questions of future viability and sustainability. In response, a group of natural resource organizations cosponsored a symposium on upland oak ecology. Their objective was to convene a diverse group of resource specialists and scientists to examine upland oak ecosystems in the light of historical influences, problems and trends, how they function, and ideas about their long-term restoration.

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Wildland Fire In Ecosystems, Vol 2: Effects of Fire on Flora

This state-of-knowledge review about the effects of fire on flora and fuels can assist land managers

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Webofire: Easy Fuels Treatment Planning For The Model-Averse

Webofire is a model for people who tend to break out in hives at the mention of the words “modeling” or “algorithm.” It provides a simple method for objectively evaluating existing wildfire hazard, prioritizing treatment needs, and estimating the potential effectiveness and costs of proposed treatments before they are carried out.

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Upland Oak Regeneration

In the Daniel Boone National Forest, for at least 15 years, researchers and forest managers have coordinated studies using controlled fire as a management tool. New results from research in the Cumberland Ranger District on the response of oak and two of its competitors, red maple and sassafras, confirm that fire alone may not be sufficient to promote oak regeneration. The studies have, however, revealed new insights about the life history of oak and its competitors and generated new paths of research to explore treatment options and promote long-term survival of healthy oak forests in the Daniel Boone and elsewhere in the Appalachian uplands.

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Sharpening The Tools For Prescribed Burns In Eastern Mixed-Oak Forests

A research project on forest lands in the mid-Atlantic region was performed with the dual goals of testing which of the 13 Anderson fuel models most accurately depicts common understory fuel characteristics in these forests, and what proportion of advance regeneration of desired species will sprout after burning.

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