Consume 3.0—A Software Tool For Computing Fuel Consumption

Fuel, heat and oxygen—though its nature is always the same, fire behaves differently all the time. Consume 3.0, a software tool, calculates the amount of fuel consumption in different fire scenarios, enabling managers to plan fi re activities to further land management goals.

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The BehavePlus fire modeling system is a PC-based program that is a collection of models that describe fire behavior, fire effects, and the fire environment.                                                                                
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Arcfuels: Integrating Wildfire Models And Risk Analysis

While many landscape planning tools do a fi ne job within the scope of their capabilities, the process of fine tuning fuel management plans requires that users interact with large cumbersome databases and complex wildfire behavior models. The streamlined approach for modeling wildfire and planning fuel treatments on large landscapes developed in this study integrates fi re behavior modeling and data processing tasks into a framework.

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