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Bridgestone Firestone Wildlife Management Area field day for professional land managers

Join us on Thursday, September 13th for this workshop tailored for public land managers and professional forest consultants to view fire effects at the Bridgestone-Firestone Wildlife Management Area Prescribed Fire Demonstration Area, where study plots have been burned on a 1, 2, and 3-year fire return interval during both the early and late growing seasons.  The demonstration area was initiated fall 2011. This year is unique in that all units were burned last fall and this past spring, so fire effects with regard to frequency and season are all at the same stage in this growing season post fire. Discussions will be centered around implementing fire in a management plan and effects on habitat for various wildlife species. Additional information will be presented on the historical fire frequency of the Cumberland Plateau.


Registration is closed due to capacity. Email Joe Marschall at to be placed on a wait list. Sorry, but know that more events here will come!

Sponsors:   This program is made available by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s 2016 Cumberland Plateau Stewardship Fund designed to accelerate the restoration and enhancement of critical forest and freshwater habitats and associated wildlife species in the region.  Funding is provided by International Paper’s and Altria Group’s Forestland Stewards Initiative.