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Prescribed fire, floral diversity, & forest dynamics at Chilton Creek

Photo: The Nature Conservancy

Photo: The Nature Conservancy

Join us for this guided tour of the Chilton Creek Research and Demonstration Area, one of the most biologically rich landscapes in Missouri, harboring more than 700 species of flowering plants. Learn about its 5,500 acres of woodlands, glades, springs, creeks and fens and how different prescribed fire treatments affect the forest composition, structure, and floral diversity.

Field tour discussions will be led by:
Doug Ladd (The Nature Conservancy)
Calvin Maginel (University of Missouri)
Aaron Stevenson (Missouri Department of Conservation)
Dan Drees (National Park Service)

Attendance is limited to the first 30 registrants!!!

3.25 hours continuing education hours for SAF and TWS!

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